For Brands

What does Word On The Block do?

We are a white glove influencer marketing service available to brands with no subscription cost. We handle the heavy lifting from creator discovery, communication, contracting, negotiation, content oversight, timing and quality, as well as analytics reporting. While we do the work, brands have ultimate oversight to approve the creators we find and approve video drafts before going live. Our brand dashboard provides real time data on posts, views, engagement, clicks and conversions.

What platforms do we support?

  • We support deals on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook and X. Brands can run YouTube long-form integrations, dedicated short form campaigns on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or X, UGC on any platform, or sponsored Twitch streams. We also help facilitate paid campaigns like licensing, whitelisting and Spark Ads.

How much does it cost to use Word on the Block?

Word on the Block does not charge a subscription fee for brands! We take a modest fee and deploy the rest of the brand's budget on creators.

How do I start a campaign?

To get started, simply email our team at or hit the start campaign button from your main dashboard to enter your campaign details and have Word on the Block start to generate an initial set of creators for you right away.

How do I select creators?

From your campaign dashboard, you can navigate to the ‘Creator Review’ section of your campaign. To indicate your interest in a creator, select the green check mark next to their name to move them to the approved section. If creators aren’t a good fit, simply reject them and provide input to help us surface more relevant creators. Not finding the creators you are looking for? Reach out to our team at, or hit the add more creators button and add as much detail as possible about the types of creators you would like us to surface. 

Does approving creators mean I am locked in?

No it does not. The approved creators serve as the pool of creators we will work with you to consolidate into the creators we will ultimately move forward with. We will not move forward with any creators, even if approved, without your final confirmation. 

How do I manage my campaign?

The group of creators we are moving forward with will be in the ‘Campaign Setup’ dashboard, where you can enter key information like unique links and codes. We will work with creators on contract signing, shipping information, expected draft submission dates and post timing, which will be reflected in the real-time dashboard. From there, you can monitor each creators progress throughout the process. 

How do I review drafts?

Incoming video drafts will populate in the ‘Campaign Setup’ dashboard for your review. You can download or view drafts from your browser. You can write comments or notes on each draft, or approve drafts right from the dashboard. 

Do my draft comments go directly to creators?

No they do not. Any notes or comments you enter will only be visible to you and Word on the Block, and we will communicate them to creators accordingly. If revisions are necessary, a new draft will be submitted in the same place for your review. When a draft is approved, creators will be notified that they are good to post, following the agreed upon post guidelines.

How do I monitor my campaign’s performance?

To see the results of the campaign, navigate to the ‘Posts’ dashboard. There, you can view overall campaign metrics in real time, with a view, engagement, cost, click and conversion breakdown by creator and by video. Monitor results of the campaign and export data to excel to use for internal reporting. With the Word on the Block pixel installed, results can be measured down to ROI. If you’d like to install the pixel, please reach out to us at

Can I use the content after the creator posts it?

You do not automatically have paid usage rights to the content creators post, but we can facilitate your access to usage rights at any point during the campaign. You can structure a campaign in many ways, including live posts or UGC + licensing, whitelisting or Spark Ads rights. 

I want to run paid ads from a creator account. How can I do that?

We help facilitate permissions and whitelisting / Spark Ads for brands to run paid ads from creator accounts. Reach out to our team to get set up on our free whitelisting platform at

For Creators

What is Word on the Block?

Word on the Block is a platform that helps creators access more brand deals. We work with brands to get exclusive campaigns and deals on our site, open to creators that match their desired characteristics. We work with creators to ensure they get put in front of the brand, are evaluated, and if chosen, are able to participate in their campaign. We are not an exclusive agent, just another source of brand deals!

How do I get started?

Once you create a profile, you can browse available deals and apply for those you are interested in. If you add your YouTube channel to your Word on the Block account, you will have access to all our YouTube deals, and some goes for all other platforms and respective deals. We add deals frequently, and when we get a deal that we think fits your channel, we will email you information on the deal and how to apply.

What platforms does Word on the Block support?

We support deals on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook and X. Brands can run YouTube long-form integrations, dedicated short form campaigns on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or X, UGC on any platform, or sponsored Twitch streams. We also help facilitate paid campaigns like licensing, whitelisting and Spark Ads.

How much can I get paid?

Word on the Block is free for creators! We do not charge a subscription fee for access to our platform or our deals. The price you agree to is the price you get. You can earn a custom rate depending on the size of the deal and the exact deliverables. There is no maximum amount you can earn on a single deal, or multiple deals. We have paid as much as $50,000 for a single post in some cases!

Can I do multiple deals at once?

Yes you can. If you qualify for more than one deal on our site, you can absolutely participate in both (or as many as you'd like) simultaneously.

Can I participate in any deal I see on Word on the Block?

Creators have to apply and get confirmed before participating in a deal on Word on the Block. Creators may not join any deal they see before receiving confirmation from Word on the Block.

Does Word on the Block take a percentage of the price I see?

No, Word on the Block does not take a percentage, or any payment, off of the agreed upon price and the price you see in your deal's dashboard. 100% of the payment will go to you.

I applied for a deal but have not heard back

We aim to provide feedback from brands as soon as possible. If you have not heard back yet, it is either that the brand is still evaluating your channel for the deal, or they are not interested at this time, but we will reach out with other deals that fit as soon as we get them.

What happens after I sign up for a deal?

After you have received approval from Word on the Block to participate in a certain deal, signing up for the deal on the site will allow you to view the full creative brief and access all the information you'll need to get started on your video.

How do I submit a draft of my video?

On the specific deal page, you will see near the bottom either a link or file upload section for you to submit your draft. We share the draft with the brand and get back to you with any revisions or approval as soon as possible. You are not permitted to post any promotional content without first receiving official draft approval and posting guidelines.

How does Word on the Block know when I've posted a video?

Our platform automatically detects when your promotional content goes live, which triggers the payment entering your account. To speed up the process, you can submit a link to your live promotional content at the bottom of the campaign details page.

When and how do I get paid?

Payment will arrive via your preferred payment method on a net30 basis, which means 30 days after completion of the deliverables. Payment will be put into your Word on the Block account after your deliverable is complete, and you can withdraw that money whenever you'd like. The withdrawal date will not impact the delivery date, which is set to net30. Withdrawing funds does not stop your earnings from growing if you are still participating in a CPM-based deal. We guarantee payment on a net30 basis regardless of the brand's payment schedule. We take on the risk for you, to ensure your earnings are never late or withheld.

What is a CPM?

CPM, or cost per mille, refers to the payment you will receive for every 1,000 views your promotional video generates. For example, if you are receiving a $10 CPM, your account balance will grow by $10 for every 1,000 views your video generates, usually for 30 days, unless otherwise stated in the campaign brief. If after 30 days, your video generates 100,000 views, the payment you will receive will equal $1,000 in this example.

Why do I need to add my social channel(s) to my Word on the Block account?

In order for us to match you with relevant deals, we need your social channel to verify your content and vertical fit. We also report to brands the view counts of live promotional videos in real time, so adding your social channel to your account enables us to pull that public data automatically, rather than manually updating view counts continuously (a very painful process!).

Do brands have usage rights to my branded videos?

No they do not, unless explicitly stated and agreed upon by both parties before starting the deal process.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

You can always feel free to contact the Word on the Block team with any question through the contact us section of our site. We are always more than happy to answer any questions, and are always open to any feedback on how we can improve our service.