Introduction and Problem Statement

TickTalk’s kids smart watch phones don't have internet, social media or games. They give families the ability to stay connected through text, phone, and video calls while prioritizing safety. Aware of the potential ROI of a properly executed influencer marketing strategy, TickTalk approached Word on the Block to ideate and manage an ROI-focused influencer campaign. Because their target niche was so specific, they were having trouble finding the right creators, vetting them for quality and expected performance, and ultimately managing the communication and tracking performance analytics. Luckily this was right in Word on the Block’s wheelhouse!


Word on the Block found over 100 highly relevant Instagram influencers at well below market rates who were excited about the product and promoting its mission. The influencers each had high production value and a child-safety message, and featured their young children prominently in their content. As a fully managed service, Word on the Block handled all communication, contracting, content oversight, performance analytics and creator payments, allowing TickTalk to watch (no pun intended) amazing videos go live and monitor their results in our real-time dashboard.


In this small scale campaign, we engaged 5 total creators with a combined 150,000 followers. But the creators packed a punch, acheiving over 75,000 views and 24 total conversions. From sourcing creators to posts going live, we completed the campaign in less than 3 week.

Influencers Engaged
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