Introduction and Problem Statement

Soundraw is an AI music generation software that allows users to create and compose original, royalty-free music to elevate their content or projects. Soundraw was in the beginning stages of influencer marketing, and came to Word on the Block to find a large number of music creators on TikTok to talk about the great features of the Soundraw product. Finding the right brand messengers at reasonable prices proved a challenge for Soundraw, so they tapped Word on the Block to find highly relevant creators with high production value, a high degree of musical talent, and attractive engagement metrics. 


Word on the Block focused on finding music producers and music educators on TikTok, which was the right platform to optimize for engagement and virality. The campaign was structured on a rolling basis, so as creators were found, Soundraw oversaw creator approval, and Word on the Block ensured high quality posts went live quickly, with an average turnaround time from search to live post of 13 days. As the campaign progressed, we further narrowed the target creator based on conversion and engagement metrics of previous creators, and we continue to iterate to this day.


So far, we have engaged 20 total creators and have generated over 1 million+ views with an average engagement rate of 10.8%.

Creators Engaged
Average Engagement Rate

Creator Content