Introduction and Problem Statement

Morgan & Morgan is America’s largest Injury Law Firm, modernizing the injury law process. With roots in TV, radio and billboard advertising, Morgan & Morgan aimed to replicate their brand awareness marketing on social media. With the combination of a broad potential client base and regulatory hurdles, the company was finding it difficult to hone in on a broadly-applicable strategy and test various hypotheses at scale. Organizing disparate campaigns split by creator vertical, size, demographic and message proved difficult to manage, making it challenging to engage creators in mass. The additional hurdle of operating in a highly regulated industry meant brand safety and creator verbiage was crucial, though difficult to monitor efficiently at scale.


Morgan & Morgan leveraged Word On The Block to scale its influencer marketing program from a few thousand dollars to the multi-million dollar program they aspired to. Word on the Block handled everything from creator search, to negotiation, contracting, scheduling, attribution, regulatory oversight, draft review and performance analytics. Morgan & Morgan used the first-party data being generating to continuously iterate and improve their price per impression and CPA. Morgan & Morgan started with long-form YouTube integrations, and after optimizing that channel with Word on the Block, moved into Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. Navigating each platform's intricacies, rules and regulations was no small feat, but each channel grew to become a meaningful portion of their spend, each achieving industry-leading cost metrics.


Morgan & Morgan was able to scale their influencer program from a few influencers to hundreds of influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. The company generated hundreds of millions of impressions at an average CPM of $5.63 on YouTube, significantly below even the lowest industry pricing. A secondary benefit was the company's average cost per acquisition improved over 800% relative to its spend pre-Word on the Block.

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