Introduction and Problem Statement

Morgan & Morgan is America’s largest Injury Law Firm, and has modernized the injury law process so you can submit a claim and communicate with your legal team all from your phone in 8 clicks or less. Morgan & Morgan wanted to spread this message in mass online, but was unable to scale their message due to the difficulties of finding, vetting, contracting, managing, and paying influencers. There were just too many steps to scale this efficiently. Additionally, because Morgan & Morgan operates in a highly regulated industry, brand safety and creator verbiage was crucial to nail exactly right, and difficult to monitor at scale.


Morgan & Morgan used Word On The Block to handle many of the difficulties of scaling influencer marketing. Morgan only had to contract, and pay a single vendor instead of hundreds of influencers. Additionally, finding influencers became easy as our proprietary creator search tool allowed them to easily find thousands of influencers interested in participating. After testing a few different platforms and messages, Morgan & Morgan found that short ad reads in integrated long-form YouTube videos was the most effective option.


Morgan & Morgan has been able to scale their YouTube influencer program to hundreds of influencers and generated millions of impressions for significantly cheaper than any other channel.  Word On The Block's tools have simplified the process for them, giving them the touch points they need to monitor and review content without the headache of finding and managing hundreds of influencers.

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