Introduction and Problem Statement

EnviroKlenz features a collection of safe, clean, and sustainable products made for removing toxins from everyday living - no extra scents, smells, or not-so-good chemicals included. EnviroKlenz came to Word on the Block with the mission to empower consumers to embrace a holistic, sustainable lifestyle through conscious choices. With a limited budget and a goal of engaging micro-influencers in a narrowly-targeted niche, EnviroKlenz was having trouble finding influencers with the right balance of cost, quality and fit. It was also having trouble staying on top of a large group of micro-influencers with different content production and posting schedules.


We crafted a TikTok campaign to encourage engagement and virality, tasking creators with showcasing a new and improved nighttime routine, starting with clean sheets. EnviroKlenz partnered with like-minded sleep essentials companies, and we coordinated the delivery of a curated box of 7 clean sleep products from different companies to incorporate into their nighttime rituals for creating a clean and healthy sleeping environment.


We were able to engage 31 TikTok creators (busy moms with young children with a hyper focus on sustainability and toxic-free living) in less than one week and ensure they posted beautiful and relevant content the week after, associating EnviroKlenz with a toxic-free image. Each creator posted a detailed nighttime routine video to their socials, centered around EnviroKlenz. The videos reached over 1+ Million users, with the campaign complete in 16 days.

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