Introduction and Problem Statement

DraftKings is an American daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting company. Through their agency, DraftKings approached Word on the Block to help market a specific Sportsbook promotion. Finding creators was table stakes. The challenge was finding the perfect brand ambassadors to build long-term relationships with, and equipping them with everything they needed to deliver multiple touch points in each video, while minimizing total cost and time spent on campaign management. 


Word on the Block took DraftKings’ message to thousands of sports and betting YouTube creators in the U.S., using audience, performance, loyalty and content analytics to target the best brand ambassadors for DraftKings. The campaign was structured to cut the brand’s overall cost while packaging multiple touch points with the same audience to establish top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) and maximize conversions.


The creators we engaged delivered 5 unique yet familiar integrations within 10 long-form YouTube videos over 10 months. Each video had 3 DraftKings touch points at different points in the video, with a total view count of over 200,000 per creator engaged.

Impressions per Creator
Touch Points per Video
Unique Integrations
Campaign Duration

Creator Content