Introduction and Problem Statement

Caraway is a brand known for its non-toxic, non-stick home goods, designed to elevate cooking experiences through innovation and style. Caraway was having trouble finding top quality UGC content at reasonable prices, and following up with those creators to initiate whitelisted content through their accounts. Walking creators through the whitelisting access process as well as nuanced contracts was too difficult to manage at scale. Through their agency, Caraway came to Word on the Block to find influencers to promote their company and message. 


Because of their goal of driving conversions, we set up a UGC + whitelisting campaign, where creators would make promotional videos for Caraway to use in targeted paid ads on Instagram. We found the perfect creators, ensured they sent in high quality videos, and facilitated Caraway gaining access to whitelisting on all of their Instagram accounts, with ease.


We engaged 7 total influencers, each sending in 3 raw videos, and facilitated through our platform Caraway's whitelisting access to each of their Instagram accounts in less than 5 days.

Raw Videos Sent
Accounts Whitelisted
Turnaround Time

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