Introduction and Problem Statement

AstroFlav is the manufacturer of Elevated, an all natural testosterone booster. AstroFlav experienced a huge lift in sales after an organic video surfaced of Dr. Andrew Huberman validating the product’s ingredients. After having trouble replicating those results, AstroFlav reached out to Word on the Block to engage a group of creators in a highly specialized niche: authority figures in the health, strength and biohacking field. 


Word on the Block tapped its vast network of creators to find those biohacking fitness experts that would work best to promote AstroFlav’s Elevated product. We crafted a UGC campaign including detailed video instructions and granting whitelisting access to AstroFlav. Word on the block handled creator discovery, communication, negotiation, contracting, content oversight, whitelisting access and payments, while AstroFlav maintained ultimate oversight over creator approval and draft approval. The campaign was completed in under 4 weeks, from initial reach out, to videos sent, to whitelisting access obtained, and payment received.


We engaged 8 total influencers in the hyper-focused biohacking space with a combined following of 1.6+ million. The videos have reached well over 1 million total viewers, and counting. AstroFlav was able to increase demand for its products by leveraging the likeness and expertise of this group of creators.

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