Who We Are

Word on the Block is helping brands find the best creators at scale, eliminating the tedious, manual work often associated with running an influencer marketing campaign. We strongly believe the barriers to scale prevent brands from engaging with the full available market of amazing content creators, leaving win-win partnerships on the table.


The Issue

There are millions of amazing content creators around the world with limited brand visibility despite their loyal and engaged audiences. Finding these creators and engaging them at scale is a massive challenge for brands, who have long had to make the trade-off between quantity of creators engaged and quality of campaign execution. We are on a mission to fix that problem.


Our Solution

So, we built a two-sided platform designed to connect creators and brands, and manage both through the entire process. Creators on one side make a profile to become eligible for upcoming brand collaboration opportunities. Brands on the other side gain access to pre-vetted creators in a streamlined, scalable process. Brands are able to work with a significantly larger number of creators without having to struggle through the tedious and time consuming work of creator management. We enable brands to scale their influencer marketing efforts beyond what they can do themselves or with any other platform.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at